Our crew: Mark, Johnattan, Lucas, Alex and Robert (from left to right)

Hi All,

This message is mostly for new visitors, who do not know what Blorgable is all about. We are a group of dudes, who live in Prague (Czech Republic) and make adventures by rented cars. For each of our trip we rent a different car and pick different destinations, to experience the world and cars fully.

We have visited almost 30 countries in Europe and more than 100 cities during 7 years of our travels. We have seen high-end places to low-end ghettos, crowded cities to few population villages, classy people to homeless guys and the list could go in. We have also had 60 trips all together, in which some of us were not participating in some occasions, but the crew mostly was together.

Our passion is gaining novelty by travel. Since we have regular jobs, we need something, which helps us stay alive, grow and get new experiences. It is easy to get into the habit of the 9-5 jobs people, where you do not get out of your comfort zone, maintain the same habits over a lifetime.

We strive to grow, and what best thing could it be then travelling to places, in some cases to places where tourists have not seen before. We have few inspiration characters , who inspired us for our journey. We are thankful for those who we met, spend time with.

The reason we have created Blorgable is to have something, which reminds us, that we need to make new posts. To tell you the truth we are not the best and most passionate writers. For us, the feeling of having a blog, where we could potential post our adventure drives us.

Maybe some day there will be a member of our team, which will document all our trips by writing, by we are still waiting for that.

We give special thanks for Prague Car Rental, which has became Trip Avto in 2012, for providing us with great deals and customer experience to support our journey for discovery. To see their deals check out Trip Avto’s facebook page.

We are also thankful for Prague Welcome for sponsoring us with travel accessories and all that. We have gave back by promoting them during our trips as a hub for visitors in Prague.

All in all, thank you for reading our blog and we hope, we can inspire you to do the same.